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Opacity and interpretation difficulties characterise the Australian tax legislation. Despite several similarities between the German and Australian tax legislation, employers who would like to establish a business in Australia will face some differences. 

German companies who would like to increase sales should check the GST system beforehand. To find out whether registration is necessary means avoiding penalties and legal sanctions. It also reduces potential costs of reclaiming paid GST (import tax).  

The German-Australian Chamber of Commerce assists you in various concerns regarding tax legislation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration in Australia by providing general information and connecting you with local experts.

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Value-added taxation system 

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is at 10%; with exemptions for certain goods and services (i.e. basic food). 

German companies who would like to increase sales should check the GST system beforehand if a registration is necessary to avoid penalties and legal sanctions and to reduce cost which can occur if paid GST (import tax) is reclaimed.  

ABN and GST registration 

  • Clarification if GST registration is necessary/ and or profitable in Australia 
  • GST registration with the Australian Taxation Office 

GST return

  • Mediation of a BAS-agent for the creation and submission of tax return 
  • Opening of bank accounts for refund of GST or return or alternatively 
  • Arranging a trust fund account 

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