AHK members enjoy unique experiences beyond conventional business events which provide insights that are rarely found elsewhere. Whether it is meeting a minister or industry leader, exploring a mine with a fly-in visit, or connecting with European professionals on our annual cruise in Sydney. 

By offering a variety of event formats that serve all industries, tastes, and interests AHK Australien provides the best possible opportunities for growth, business promotion and networking.

AHK events provide:

Opportunity to grow your network

Attending an AHK event gives you the opportunity of extending your network. Take this advantage and meet other interesting businesswomen and men; after all, every new connection can turn into a potential client or business partner.

AHK members not only enjoy discounted ticket prices, but also receive exclusive invitations to restricted events, such as delegations, business briefings or industry roundtables.

A platform to promote your business

As a member we invite you to not only attend, but to also participate in our events actively. Host or sponsor an AHK Australia event related to your industry to put your business in the spotlight. Our event variety offers great opportunity for promoting your business and make yourself known amongst hundreds of attendees within our network.

We offer a diverse range of events, many of which are also open to non-members. Chamber events offer the fantastic opportunity to…

AHK Australien ensures that its event partners receive the best possible exposure within the network and beyond – before, during…