Employment and Visa

We assist you with your visa, employment, and HR needs.

Many German companies decide on a local subsidiary upon market entry. Differences in time, space and culture between Germany and Australia can make finding qualified staff challenging.

Visa Inquiries for German or non-Australian employees in Australia

Australia is one of the countries with the world’s strictest immigration standards. Companies who want to recruit non-Australian employees should therefore carefully collect information about visa requirements in advance. We will gladly establish contact with our visa agents or see our Immigration Guide for basic guidelines on migrating to Australia.  

Payroll & Accounting Services

To support German market entrants in complying with Australian labour laws and employer obligations, the German Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce can connect you to an extensive network of licensed experts.

Whether an employee in Australia is employed by a newly formed Australian company or directly by the German parent company, the employer must comply with Australian labour laws and obligations. The employer is also required to regularly report and pay income tax for every employee.  

Our experts are happy to help you handle all employment related matters.

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