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Are you a business owner or a manager in charge of expanding your company’s reach into Australia? Are you an Australian business looking to tap into the German marketplace? Do you want to learn more about either market and increase your network?

If you have answered yes, then you have found the right Chamber for you.

Our members come from a wide range of industry backgrounds and offer a huge variety of products and services. But what we all have in common is a belief in the value of bilateral relationships for ongoing development to build a sustainable economy across national boundaries.

Support from A to Z

From A as in Antrag (‘application’) to Z for Zusammenhalt (‘togetherness’), a German-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership opens up a multitude of benefits and opportunities which have been specifically designed to help businesses such as yours flourish in the Australian market, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional with years of experience. Check out our full list of member benefits.

Setting the standard for bilateral trade relations

A German-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership is a mark of commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth. All of our members are encouraged to be active participants and contributors in shaping the dialogue between governments, our family of affiliated Chambers of Commerce, and businesses. From conferences to events and delegations to trade shows, all the way to industry-specific clusters to focus impact on key opportunities that will shape the way we live in future – your interests are in our interest.

How we work with you

In 2021 the German-Australian Chamber has renewed its strategic focus on how to deliver the largest growth for businesses and our members in both countries.

Our new Customer Success Team combines our long-standing membership and consulting services. They will deliver the many benefits of the new Corporate Partner membership package and will act as a gateway to the Chamber for all industries.

Additionally, the German-Australian Chamber has introduced four key bilateral industry clusters reflecting market growth opportunities and political support. The clusters, led by dedicated Cluster Managers, deliver policy and market intelligence, and jointly promote the competencies of participating cluster members. Our members also continue to receive support from our Governmental Affairs, Events, and Communications specialists to accelerate sustainable business relations between Australia and Germany.

Membership Options:

Corporate Partner:

Become a part of the German-Australian business community and gain privileged access to the AHK member network. Benefit from our large network of business, industry, and high-level government contacts and increase your brand exposure and visibility with our help.

Use endless opportunities to make new contacts, create new business and grow your knowledge through regular industry-focused, social and experiential events held throughout the year. The benefits of the Corporate Partner membership package is delivered by the Customer Success Team which combines our long-standing membership and consulting experience in bringing Australia and Germany closer together.

Cluster Partner:

Join our industry clusters and experience proactive engagement from a dedicated key account manager who will explore bilateral business opportunities together with you. Gain exclusive access to industry stakeholders and drive policy issues together with our team at both governments in Australia and Germany. Increase your exposure and showcase your capabilities at topic-specific events and publications. A designated cluster committee steers the cluster and helps increase your influence and network. Let us jointly shape the cluster as well as the bilateral industry development.

Platinum Partner:

AHK Australien has a limited number of opportunities for companies that choose our highest-level support as Platinum Partners. If you decide to become a Platinum Partner you will get prominently featured during all our events and media communications and get exclusive invites to Platinum-Partner-only events throughout the year. As a Platinum Partner, you will get complimentary access to all of our four industry clusters and can therefore engage with our cluster managers on industry related topics. As a Platinum Partner you will receive the highest tier policy support and can take part in shaping the Australian-German bilateral trade relationship together with us.