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AHK Australien on a Business Visit in Germany


(Article written by Cornelia Camacho, Customer Success Manager at AHK Australien)

The success of a good business trip lies in the planning and organisation of interesting and promising appointments and events, as well as in the flexibility and agility to quickly and easily respond to last-minute changes to maximize every opportunity. My planned trip to Germany was a mix of trade fair visits, IHK consultation days, and customer visits, all aimed at supporting and strengthening bilateral trade between Germany and Australia.

The journey began with my visit to Hannover Messe 2024, where I had the opportunity to not only experience the typical German April weather with snow, rain, hail, and sunshine in one day but also to meet and exchange with many AHK and IHK colleagues at the DIHK booth.

Hannover Messe is the world's leading industrial trade fair, featuring companies from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, digital industries, and energy sectors. Hannover Messe 2024 brought together key players and companies in the industrial sector, focusing on AI and machine learning, carbon-neutral production, energy for industry, Industry 4.0/Manufacturing-X, hydrogen, and fuel cells.

At an APAC panel organized by the DIHK, I was pleased to have the opportunity to present Australia's diverse offerings with a brief pitch and to highlight the bilateral agreement between the European Union and Australia on the supply of critical minerals for Europe's supply diversification, which has since been successfully concluded.

Australia's offerings include:

  • Raw Materials and Natural Resources: Minerals and metals such as iron ore, coal, gold, copper, and bauxite.
  • Agricultural Products: Australia exports a variety of agricultural products including wheat, barley, sugar, meat, dairy products, and wine.
  • Energy: Australia is a major exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and has extensive reserves of fossil fuels and renewable energies.
  • Technology and Innovation: Australia invests heavily in research and development and has a growing technology and start-up scene. Australia is particularly strong in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology, and environmental technologies.
  • Stable Economy and Political Environment: Australia's stable economy and political environment make it attractive for foreign investment and a valuable global trading partner.

After the Hannover Messe 2024, a consultation day was held at the IHK-Ostwestfalen. As a native of East Westphalia, it was a special pleasure for me to see the participants learn all about "Doing Business Down Under." The AHK services for market entry were presented and received with great interest.

Customer visits are also always part of the Germany trip, as there is nothing better than experiencing a German company in operation, walking through production facilities, and witnessing German technology live. For me personally, this is the absolute highlight of any trip, as it allows me to gain insight into innovative German companies and their products.

Planned and spontaneous customer visits in Lower Saxony with our client in Münster, WEICON, followed by companies in Baden-Württemberg in the idyllic Black Forest such as Fischerwerke in Waldachtal and Paschal in Steinach, were marked by interesting conversations and discussions on how business can be successfully conducted between the two countries, which are about 15,000 km apart. The friendly and open reception at the companies is always a great experience and makes me very proud to be able to better represent German companies in Australia after these visits.

After the customer visits, I headed to Munich for IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste, and raw materials management. According to the latest reports, Germany is a leader in these areas, boasting a robust circular economy where approximately 10,000 private and municipal companies manage over 400 million tons of waste annually. The sector employs around 315,000 people and generated a gross value added of 11.6 billion euros in 2022. Germany's circular economy is highly innovative, with advancements in digitalization, hydrogen production, and carbon dioxide capture.

Why visiting IFAT? From October 28 to November 1, 2024, the AHK Australia, in collaboration with SBS systems for business solutions and on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, is conducting a business delegation trip to Australia focusing on waste management and recycling. My mission was to find innovative and interested companies eager to enter the Australian waste management market.

Meetings and visits at the IHK Munich and IHK Stuttgart rounded off my stay in southern Germany. The relationships with our IHK partners are extremely important, and the exchange is valued by both sides to promote bilateral trade for German and Australian customers efficiently and successfully.