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The German-Australian Chamber is pleased to offer a range of digital publications about the network as well as living and working in Australia. After your purchase, a representative from the Chamber will contact you to provide the password-protected file. Members also have access to discounts on publications. Please send an email for more information.


P012 - German-Australian Business Directory 2018-2019

The directory lists all current German subsidiaries, members and premium partners of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as their best points of contact. This publication was compiled in 2017 by the Chamber team.

Type: PDF, 218 pages, English
Price: 110 € / 150 A$ (incl. GST)

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P100 - Immigration Guide Australia 2019

Are you interested in knowing the basic guidelines for immigrating to Australia? Our latest Immigration Guide gets you started. Now in its sixth issue, this publication is targeted at people who wish to immigrate temporarily or permanently to Australia for private reasons or business purposes.

Type: PDF, 45 pages, German
Price: 35.00 € / 55.00 A$ (incl. GST)

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P150 - Employment Guide Australia 2019

This document is addressed to German companies or entrepreneurs who are planning to build up a business and to recruit staff in Australia. An important question is which costs a potential employer has to expect.

Type: PDF, 33 Seiten, German
Price: 35.00 € / 55.00 A$ (incl. GST)

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P160 - Investment Guide Australia 2017

The Investment Guide contains Detailed description of corporate governance, company law, taxation, labour law, real-estate law, anti-trust law, intellectual property, litigation and immigration law. This informative handbook provides practical and in-depth information, compiled by our former chairman Dr Wolfgang Babeck

Type: PDF, 215 pages, German
Price: 75.00 € / 105.00 A$ (incl. GST)

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