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WEB | Mining and Resources: Learn about Bilateral Developments and Cooperation Opportunities
Online Event
Event Start
15/11/2021 · 15:00
Event End
18/11/2021 · 18:00

Virtual Mining and Resources Delegation Trip to Germany

AHK Australien together with the VDMA Mining is organising a virtual delegation trip to Germany for Australian mining stakeholders to learn about bilateral developments and possible cooperation between the two countries. The programme is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.



  • Monday, 15 November 2021: The virtual information trip begins with an information and presentation event, in which the capabilities of the German supplier industry are addressed, the most important future developments in the Australian mining industry are discussed and market opportunities are explained. Furthermore, the event offers a great opportunity for Australian participants and German market participants to establish initial contacts.

Please find the presentation from Monday 15 November here:

Mining in Germany

  • Tuesday, 16 November 2021: Theme Day – Zero Emission
    A rapid reduction of carbon emissions is crucial for future mining operations. Electrification and hydrogen are certainly going to play a major role with energy efficiency being a major supporting force. This Theme Day explores challenges and solutions for a more sustainable mining industry.

Please find the presentations from Tuesday, 16 November here:

Becker Mining - Modern Underground Mining Transport Systems

Liebherrr - Alternative Drives

Rolls Royce - Hybrid Technology - mtu Hybrid Haul Truck Concept

Rolls Royce - Outlook - Future Fuels

SK Group - Hydrogen Infrastructure & Hydrogen Drive

  • Wednesday, 17 November 2021: Theme Day – Mineral Processing
    Australian mining companies are striving to go deeper in the value chain which means processing raw materials in Australia instead of just “dig and ship” minerals. Superior technology is needed to make minerals processed in Australia competitive. German manufacturers have developed world-class expertise in processing technologies and will share current and future developments.

Please find the presentations from Wednesday, 17 November here:

Allmineral - In Pit Beneficiation

Andritz Separation - Thickener ACE (Advanced Control Expert)

GEA Crystallization - an important step from the mine to the product

Joest - The Evolution of Vibrating Screens in the Australian Mining Industry

K-UTEC - Case Study - Beyondie Project - Kalium Lakes

  • Thursday, 18 November 2021: Theme Day – Automation
    Industry 4.0 applications are rapidly finding their way into the mining sector. For a successful digitization and automation, it is crucial to get it right first time and to learn from experiences other miners made. Standardization of machine-to-machine communication technologies

Please find the presentations from Thursday, 18 November here:

Nerospec SK - Communication, Automation and Digital Mine Solution

Paus - Paus Connect with MineView via OPC UA

Vulkan & Augmentify - How AR can enhance maintenance and training for users of industrial products