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WEB | German Aerospace Center (DLR) with ESA Reserve Astronaut Nicola Winter
07.03.2024 · 18:30
07.03.2024 · 20:30

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Join us for a comprehensive webinar featuring representatives from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) including the German Space Agency, and ESA Reserve Astronaut Nicola Winter.

The DLR is Germany's research hub for Aeronautics, Space, Energy, Transport, Security and Digitization and the German Space Agency, an integral part of DLR, plans and implements the national space programme on behalf of the federal government.

Our presenters will provide an overview of the diverse activities within departments such as Research & Exploration, Aerospace Medicine, Gravitational Biology, and Rocket Propulsion Technology.

Additionally, we are excited to welcome German ESA Reserve Astronaut Nicola Winter, who will share updates on her activities since her selection in 2022.

All speakers will also join in a group panel discussion at the end and take questions from the audience.

Don't miss this chance to learn from experts and stay updated on the latest advancements in aerospace and space exploration!

Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller

Analyst – Cluster Energy & Space Coordinator



Nicola Winter

ESA Reserve Astronaut, Project Manager Responsive Space at DLR

Dr. Sven Baerwalde

International Relations (Representative of DLR in Australia)

Dr. Thomas Driebe

Head of the Department for Research and Exploration at the German Space Agency in DLR

Dr. Jens Hauslage

Leader of the DLR BioBase/FabLab in the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine

Dr. Justin Hardi

Head of the Department of Rocket Propulsion Technology, Institute of Space Propulsion

Dr. Marc Haese

Head of ESA/E3P Group for Department of Research and Exploration at the German Space Agency in DLR