Okt 11

Defence R&D: An Instrument of National Power – UNSW Research Showcase

We are proud to present our upcoming research showcase where our panel of experts, all thought leaders in their respective areas, will explore and examine our world-leading defence-related capabilities and how these can be used as an instrument of national power and deliver transforming and enduring impact.

A selection of UNSW’s finest academics will showcase their extensive range of expertise and capability providing insight into future thinking and practice within a constantly changing and challenging, high-tech defence environment. Leading UNSW short courses and facilities/infrastructure relevant to defence will also feature.

Why attend?

Connect with our experts, and discuss research capability, professional education and institutional strengthening in areas including:

  • Quantum Computation and Communications
  • Space Research, Engineering and Missions
  • Cyber Security and Operations
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Global Strategic Trends and Military Futures
  • Trusted Autonomous Systems

Who should attend?

This event is for corporate and SME industry partners, defence force personnel and government policy makers interested in working collaboratively to translate our defence-related knowledge into national impact for the communities we serve. This includes professionals working in defence related industries.

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