Phoenix Contact

Platinum Partner 2022 AHK Australien

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader and innovator of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Founded more than 90 years ago in Germany, our diverse product range includes components and system solutions for industrial and device connection, automation, electronic interface, and surge protection.

With over 60,000 products, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology - the best connections “from sensor to the controller.” From the classic terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors and wireless ethernet, our products power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment. Our customers operate in a diverse range of industries, from Electrical & Industrial Manufacturing, Solar and Clean energy, Automation & Process Control, to Energy, Water, Mining, and Petrochemical industries. Phoenix Contact works with customers and partners to design solutions for the future using trend-setting connection and automation technology, wherever they will be needed.

Phoenix Contact is a global company with more than 16,500 employees worldwide. With eight locations across Australia and New Zealand, Phoenix Contact has been providing our customers with inspiring innovations and local support since 1995. Around the world, our focus on innovation and trusting partnerships with customers create solutions that benefit all involved.