Why do we need Blockchain?

The Lakeba’s vision on the future of Blockchain

It has been another hectic month for Lakeba Group, the international technology group currently working on multiple venture projects involving blockchain technology, including Blockchain Against Fraud, Quixxi Connect and Paid By Coins.

Over the last few years the company has been investigating and actively working on blockchain technology, how it can be used by businesses, how it can be implemented, and the types of problems it can be applied to. The Blockchain Forum, organised by the German Australian Chamber in Brisbane, was a great opportunity to both showcase the Lakeba vision on the future of Blockchain and to understand how it resonates with those who are likely to be impacted by this technology.

Lakeba’s Chief Growth Officer Darren Younger was invited as a panelist to discuss how blockchain will make the difference and how to start implementing this technology in the businesses. Other than contextualising how much blockchain will change the way to do business, and the way we work and interact; the panel also gave valuable insights on how to get started with blockchain, what barriers need to be overcome and the opportunities that should be embraced.

The takeway was that it’s now time to stop talking and to start acting.

There is no doubt there are hundreds of opportunities related to blockchain, but it is fundamental to know what problem the business needs to solve and if blockchain is the right solution for it. A good understanding of the technology is necessary. Statistically, over the world, the majority doesn’t know how to approach blockchain with confidence.

Therefore, Lakeba has been working on Blockchain Australia Magazine, a regular supplement issued with the Australian Financial Review and available on the Lakeba website.

This publication regularly features case-studies and real applications of blockchain, useful insights about compliance, stories of success in different industries and the voices of entrepreneurs, developers, customers. Lakeba, inspired by its CEO, Giuseppe Porcelli, believes in the potential of blockchain and is looking forward to detailing some groundbreaking news that will be a world first, right out of Australia.