3rd Annual German-Australian Chamber and Qatar Airways Sailing Regatta

AHK Event Report from Sydney

The 3rd edition of our exciting sailing regatta proved that competitiveness for the trophy is as strong as ever. A total of eight teams participated in this year’s regatta, which is double the number of boats in previous years. Not even the very mixed weather forecast for the week could deter the 85 attendees from taking part in the race for the cup.

Around midday, our sailors started to arrive at the Sydney by Sail pontoon in Darling Harbour, prepared to race in the worst possible weather conditions. After some refreshments, Kristian Wolf, Executive Director of the German-Australian Chamber, welcomed all guests to this growing social event. He thanked the Principal Partner Qatar Airways for its ongoing support to the Chamber and in particular for its commitment to this event. Justin Kestel, Commercial Manager of Qatar Airways, then also welcomed all attendees on behalf of the company and wished all sailing enthusiasts the best of luck in the competition.

Once Alice from Sydney by Sail delivered a safety briefing, all teams were allocated a skipper and directed to their yachts. Group photos were taken and the air was filled with excitement about what was yet to come. The boats left the dock and made their way under Sydney Harbour Bridge and past Shark Island, where the two races would take place. After about three hours of racing on Sydney Harbour — putting in every effort to win this year’s cup — our sailors returned safe and sound (also dry) to the pontoon. We can only speculate that the attendees’ enthusiasm influence the weather gods to show mercy for our regatta, holding back the rain for what became a beautiful, calm day on the water. We could not have asked for more pleasant conditions, with just the right amount of breeze.

Whilst everyone insisted that their team was the one to secure the trophy, there could only be one winner. To heighten the suspense, renowned ‘star performers’ were chosen from each yacht. Each skipper nominated one person from their team who distinguished her- or himself in one way or another. Perhaps the most noteworthy star performer was Meg from Visa Global Logistics, whose dedication to the competition endured even when her phone was lost during the sailing adventure.

Once all star performers had been awarded, it was finally time to announce the winner for 2018. With less than a minute's lead, the winner of the 2018 regatta was… Epho! Managing Director Oliver Hartley and his team were over the Moon when Chris Ellis, Manager National Accounts from Qatar Airways, handed over the trophy with Kristian Wolf. After a hearty celebration, all hungry sailors refreshed themselves with a drink and meal at the post-race barbecue.

We thank all teams for their ardent participation and for making the event even greater than in previous years. Particular gratitude goes go to our Principal Partner Qatar Airways, which has been a consistently generous partner of this event and will hopefully remains so in the future. We hope that all attendees will return next year for a chance to win the cup!