Decarbonisation is the term used for removal or reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) output into the atmosphere. Decarbonisation is achieved by switching to usage of low carbon energy sources.

Why Decarbonisation

In response to the ambition of the 2015 Paris Agreement, many governments and business leaders have set targets and made commitments to reduce carbon emissions. Decarbonisation has become a global imperative and a priority for governments, companies and society at large, because it plays a very important role in limiting global warming. Many companies across all industries (e.g., in energy, transport, consumer products) have publicly declared their intention to become carbon neutral by 2050.

While progress is being made at global, national, sector and local levels, recent estimates suggest we are not on track to meet the Paris targets, and more must be done.

German-Australian Decarbonisation Atlas

Find AHK Australien members down below who are champions in the decarbonisation space.

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