Nov 04 bis Nov 09

GEO Week 2019: Industry Track

World leading tech, space and spatial companies are invited to connect with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) community through the 2019 GEO Week ‘Industry Track’.

Through the Industry Track participants will discuss how to develop sustainable commercial solutions and products that meet regional, local and global needs. A suite of events and activities, will enable businesses participating in the GEO Industry Track to promote their capabilities to a large and diverse audience, network with GEO Ministerial Summit participants, forge partnerships, conclude deals and announce new initiatives.

The Industry Track events will take place from Tuesday to Thursday during GEO Week 2019. The program will commence on the Tuesday evening with the opening of the Exhibition. Industry is encouraged to participate in all events taking place throughout the week.

Participants of the GEO Week 2019:

  • 40+ Ministers from all major economies
  • Leaders of global NGOs driving the use of Earth Observation (EO) to address societal challenges
  • CEOs of major international companies
  • Innovators and start-ups on the cutting edge of change in the global EO sector
  • Stakeholders in the digital economy driving the application of EO data
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