Jun 13

Evening Forum: New Competition Law

The New Competition Law 2017 — Practical Guidance How to Comply with the Stricter Rules

The so-called 'Harper' competition law reform of 2017 has been hailed as the most significant change to Australia’s competition laws in over 40 years, introducing much stricter antitrust rules for dealings amongst competitors and for corporations with a substantial degree of market power.

In our Evening Forum we will discuss the implications of the reform in order to assist you in assessing your company’s risk profile under the new competition law rules.

The topic will be addressed by:

  • Dr Wolfgang Hellmann, Special Counsel, Johnson Winter & Slattery who will provide an overview of the new competition rules highlighting those areas with increased compliance risks; and
  • Ben Lee, General Counsel, Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd who will provide practical guidance how these risks can be minimised, focusing on corporate compliance mechanisms in the context of a multinational corporation.

Drinks and canapés will be provided.

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