You are invited to participate in our FTA submission

We invite all members of the German-Australian Chamber to participate in our Free Trade Agreement Submission to the Federal Government.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has invited the German-Australian Chamber to provide more details following our submission in regards to the current negotiations for the Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA). We are planning to provide the updated submission in August.

We are inviting all members of our Chamber, and the wider business community to tell us any specific issues you face which could be addressed through the FTA. These can be matter such as Product Standards, or investment barriers, or any matter which the upcoming agreement could potentially aid in fixing.

We consider all contributions, and may include those in our DFAT submission. Specific products or company names will not be named without express permission from the company itself.

Please submit any relevant case studies or examples to our Director of Policy, Dr Michael Zettinig, by 8 August 2018 via email at: michael.zettinig(at)

Please note Michael will respond to any questions or queries after 3 August 2018.