XE.com celebrates their 25th anniversary

In a video message to all staff, co-founders Steven Dengler and Beric Farmer reflected on the success of the past 25 years which now sees the company serve 280 million people per year.

“It’s exciting to see so many amazing people bring their talents and passion to the group," Said Beric Farmer. "All of you are the reason this anniversary is so meaningful to us."

The company was founded in 1993 when they launched a currency converter pioneering easy access to foreign exchange information in a world pre-google. XE.com offers various free online currency tools, including the XE Currency Converter which allows visitors to check live exchange rates of any world currency. The website also offers free historical charts and rate tables and the company provides a foreign exchange service (XE Money Transfer) and a commercial currency data feed service (XE Currency Data) that offers accurate and reliable exchange rates for businesses.

“We just cannot wait to see what XE will accomplish in the next 25 years” - Steven Dengler said in the video address.

For more information, please visit www.xe.com