Science meets art: BASF supports 2018 season of Science Gallery Melbourne

BASF was thrilled to join supporters last night at the launch of the 2018 season of Science Gallery Melbourne, a new thought provoking art-meets-science exhibition set to inspire the next generation of innovators.

The University of Melbourne has secured the rights to Australia’s only node in the highly successful Science Gallery International network, founded at Trinity College in Dublin. When it opens in 2020, Science Gallery will be a public-facing, dynamic and engaging space to inspire young adults into the STEM workforce.

“Through a cutting-edge program of exhibitions and experiences, Science Gallery Melbourne will encourage young people to consider careers in science and engineering. We will bring together bright minds to imagine the future. We will inspire a generation of future leaders,” said Rose Hiscock, Director Science Gallery Melbourne.

BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, is committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists in Australia. The unique approach of Science Gallery helps to continue this mission by communicating science in a ground-breaking way to young adults and beyond.

“We are thrilled to partner with BASF on our Mediator Program for ‘Perfection’. BASF, like Science Gallery, is a global company with a commitment to growing employment opportunities for young graduates into a diverse range of jobs within STEM,” said Hiscock. With 75% of future jobs in Australia expected to require STEM qualifications, Science Gallery programs will spark the minds of tomorrow’s innovators.

“Art and science are generally viewed as two very separate worlds and here you have Science Gallery bringing them together in this unique, thought-provoking way, helping to communicate the role science, and other STEM streams, play in our everyday lives,” said David Hawkins, Managing Director BASF Australia and New Zealand.


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