Linde Material Handling Showcases Future Technology and the Power to Choose

Linde Material Handling Australia will use MEGATRANS not only to showcase its latest products but also to demonstrate future trends in a rapidly changing industry.

The company acknowledged the importance of MEGATRANS and its potential milestone status by becoming the foundation MHE sponsor of the event.

Linde Material Handling is flying in Linde Robotic experts to demonstrate its advanced products in the rapidly emerging field of robotic automation for MEGATRANS attendees.

It will mount a continuous display of its L-Matic robotic automation solutions during the three days with specialists on hand to answer questions throughout the expo.

Linde Material Handling is on-track to offer one robotic version for each of its major product series, in cooperation with French robotic specialist Balyo. As MEGATRANS visitors will learn, tomorrow’s intralogistics will be digitally networked and increasingly automated.

Linde Material Handling introduced its first warehouse automation trucks able to navigate without additional infrastructure nearly three years ago.

The trucks can react to obstacles in real time, are scalable and flexibly adjustable to new warehouse layouts. Automation routes and driveways in any mapped facility area can be learnt quickly and easily. The trucks perform their tasks independently of working hours and provide maximum traffic safety.

Linde is hoping the L-Matic display will educate MEGATRANS visitors about the huge possibilities which robotic technology can provide for material handling equipment users at an enterprise level.

The Power to Choose

Linde Material Handling will also display equipment from its range which demonstrates the philosophy behind its Power To Choose approach, a customer-focussed initiative which also anticipates and responds to changed buyer priorities.

Linde Material Handling Australia’s new approach to material handling equipment solutions gives customers the chance to choose equipment which meets their specific requirements from both an operational and commercial perspective – not just one or the other.

The company is working to show customers the difference between price and value as it applies to individual material handling equipment options for different roles. Linde Material Handling’s Value range is specifically suited to lower demand applications. It consists of quality equipment fit for purpose in those situations where material handling equipment is not at the heart of activities but is essential and must be reliable.

At MEGATRANS, Linde Material Handling Equipment staff will use their experience and industry knowledge to identify customers’ best suited equipment needs. This is particularly crucial in identifying those medium demand applications where operational and commercial demands can sometimes combine to make it all too easy to choose the wrong forklift. That’s where Linde Material Handling’s Performance range is the answer – not simply good forklifts for the role. They are the best suited.

Linde Material Handling will also display equipment from its Performance Plus range, designed for high-demand applications where lesser equipment either doesn’t perform as required, or doesn’t last. Linde claims its Performance Plus range brings together the best of the best, presenting customers with choices and models which will satisfy even the most demanding requirements year after year.

Linde Material Handling equipment on display to demonstrate the characteristics of its Value, Performance and Performance Plus ranges will include:

  • Linde L-matic Robot
  • Linde Series 392 - H25T - Engine Forklift
  • Linde Series 394 - H50T - Engine Forklift
  • Linde Series 1120 - R14-R20 - Electric Reach Truck
  • Linde Series 1276 - E25S- Electric Forklift
  • Linde Series 1411 - H160 - Engine Forklift
  • Baoli Series KBG25 - Engine Forklift
  • Linde Series 1130 - CITI - Electric Hand Pallet Truck


Linde will also have specialist staff on hand at MEGATRANS to provide information on its powerful user-friendly FleetFOCUS fleet management system, which requires no customer infrastructure. FleetFOCUS provides information on PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, reporting the virtually real-time status of material handling equipment and its operators’ performance.

The system records, compiles and presents pre-op checking, utilisation and impact incident reports tailored to the level of frequency and detail required.

The fully customisable system puts managers in total command of material handling equipment resources and allows them to drive new standards of occupational health and safety compliance, cost efficiency and accountability. FleetFOCUS also lets users enlist Linde as a strategic partner, ready to assist with reviewing and interpreting the important data generated so that decision making processes are streamlined and fully informed.