German expat retreat launching this October in Byron Bay

Living in another country can be stressful. It is well-documented that the life of an expat has its challenges – long and unusual work hours, a trailing spouse who has given up her career to move abroad, stress in integrating children into their new multi-cultural environment, to name but a few. Stressors come from all angles – uncertainty, unfamiliarity, culture shock, a general sense of deprivation, the loss of identity and a yearning for everything that “Heimat” stands for.

As recently noted in the Huffington Post: "The combined effect of differences, demanding workloads, relocation and family adjustments can lead to health and emotional problems including stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, isolation, relational difficulties, muscle tension and low immune system."

In response, Wochenende is the first approach in Australia that integrates a positive psychology approach into a weekend retreat specifically designed by Germans for Germans in Australia. Mindful Yoga, meditation, journaling and even hypnotherapy are offered in a retreat-style environment. 

“We are very excited to make this innovative offering to the German community." Says Marlies Krups, Founder of Wochenende. "Having lived in Australia for over 20 years now, we believe this will strike a chord with those who also reside here, and perhaps feel they have left a little Heimat behind. “

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