econ industries opened a branch in Melbourne

econ industries, a German company based in Starnberg, is pleased to announce the opening of a branch in Melbourne. This strategic, geographical expansion is to support its activities and enhance the presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

econ industries is focussed in delivering ‘Best Practice’ solutions for the recovery of resources from hazardous industrial waste and contaminated soil. econ industries are working towards a cleaner future by creating effective alternatives to landfilling and waste incineration. econ has customer installations all over the world, mainly in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. In 2018, econ industries delivered a mercury waste treatment plant in Karratha, North-West of Australia. This facility is the largest integrated mercury waste treatment and processing facility in the southern hemisphere, and is capable of treating all of Australia’s mercury contaminated waste.

In 2018 econ industries services was the winner of the Bavarian Export Award for the service-sector against numerous competitors within the State of Bavaria. This appreciation underlines econ´s unique, customer-oriented approach for the worldwide expanding market of industrial waste treatment with the target to maximise resource recovery.

Together with its geographical expansion econ adds a new technology to its portfolio: PyroPlas® - Plasma Arc Destruction. With the technologies and key personnel added to econ industries group, the company will further improve and develop their technologies, their complementary uses and service offerings to its international clients. This expansion will further enhance econ industries’ position as a market leader in the treatment of hazardous wastes towards its vision of – Zero Industrial Wastes!

Contact person for Asia-Pasific: Vivek Nair (v.nair(at)