Industry 4.0 is the major theme of the industrial sector and the areas of intralogistics, logistics and materials management

Thomas Warburton is committed to make the industry 4.0 revolution in Australia a reality and offer the latest technological innovations in lean manufacturing supply solutions.

Recently, Thomas Warburton collaborated with the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and one of the Chambers’ founding members Siemens to discuss effective and local solution of one of our key technological innovations the ‘iBOX®’ - the heart of Thomas Warburton’s Kanban Inventory Management System - CPS® Global.

Through the facilitation of the Chamber and the support of Siemens and a local manufacturer Thomas Warburton is proud to announce the readiness of the first local solution by February 2019. Thanks to our local partners we were able to achieve the next milestone in Thomas Warburton’s efforts to contribute to the fourth industrial revolution.

iBOX® is an RFID controlled large container directly communicating line-item and bin data information of empty bins between the customer’s production facility and Thomas Warburton’s warehouse distribution centre for the purpose of replenishing C-Part and industrial consumable line-items back into the customer’s CPS® Global Kanban rack(s). With RFID the procurement process, the reordering and the inventory management can be fully automated.

 We invite you to visit our website or contact Thomas Warburton today to learn more about CPS® Global RFID and iBOX®.