DHL: The future of logistics depends on four key elements: customer-centricity, sustainability, technology and people

In the fourth edition of the Logistics Trend Radar, a pioneering series that started in 2013, DHL reveals 28 key trends that could impact the logistics industry in the next five to ten years.

The Logistics Trend Radar is developed through the analysis of mega- and microtrends as well as direct input from a large partner eco-system including research institutes, tech players, start-ups and customers. Most of the insights are collected first-hand from over 10,000 logistics professionals and technology experts who visit the DHL Innovation Centers annually. The findings are then aggregated and reflected on the Logistics Trend Radar which acts as a dynamic and strategic foresight tool that tracks the evolution of trends spotted in earlier editions and identifies promising new trends with every update.

Created by DHL Trend Research, the 2018/19 Logistics Trend Radar shows that innovation will be more important than ever, as digitalization drives the biggest transformation seen in the industry in coming years. “Our Logistics Trend Radar acts as a roadmap for innovation, helping to structure and catalyze further industry-leading research and projects together with our customers and partners. In this edition, we focus strongly on the digital revolution happening in the industry and its impact across four key elements defining the future of logistics: customer-centricity, sustainability, technology and people,” said Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development at DHL.

“As much as we aim for an accurate prediction, we know from experience that the impact of some trends will not materialize. Innovation does not follow a linear path – the success of some trends will rely on culture and capabilities as much it does on breakthrough technologies and business acumen. That’s why we need to actively engage first-hand on driving the development of these trends,” said Markus Kückelhaus, Vice President Innovation & Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

Transformative innovation projects from DHL are also highlighted in the report such as DHL's development of electric cargo bikes for urban logistics, testing of smart locks that enable in-home delivery, and the use of artificial intelligence to predict global trade. Following this edition, DHL will initiate further deep dives on new trends to explore their implications in more detail.

You can find the press release for download as well as further information in the link in the sidebar.

The DHL Logistics Trend Radar 2018/19, including information on deep dives and projects, is available for free download, You can download it at the link in the sidebar.