AHK Event Report: MedTech Industry in Queensland and Europe

The August industry forum of the Queensland Chapter focussed on Medical Technologies. Over 70 people attended this evening event to share their expertise and insight on challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing Medtech industry.

After the opening of Hon Cameron Dick MP, Queensland Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, Prof. Michael Schuetz took the stage. The practising orthopaedic surgeon and research leader in the field of trauma care and orthopaedic trauma research co-moderated the forum with Clare Blain, CEO of Life Sciences Queensland. Together they led through the evening with high-profile presentations.

The start made Clare Blain with a comprehensive overview of the Medtech industry in Queensland and Australia. Prof. Roebi Frigg (Chairman of 41Medical) gave detailed insight into the challenges and opportunities for the future of the Medtech industry. The final speech from Thomas Samyn (Director Product Management Implant Systems of KLS Martin) provided a glance into the future of Medtech in 2030 with particular regard to AI and Smart Devices. A lively panel discussion with distinguished participants in the medical field concluded the programme.

The event highlighted the challenges of the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which will come into effect 2020. Many Medtech companies, locally as well as overseas, are not prepared to meet the new regulations in time due to the number of costly processes. On the other hand, opportunities have been identified by joining forces across borders, to support each other in research and development.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Prof. Michael Schuetz for his initiative and invaluable engagement. We extend our thanks to the Queensland Government and their continued support. A special thanks to all members, participants and guests who made this event highly successful.