May 03

YEF: The Future of Hiring

The Search for Talent Intelligence

Hiring the right people can be very difficult and the global talent acquisition industry is on the cusp of a revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are changing the selection process and video and social media are reinventing the interview process. In addition, a new generation of candidates also has a very different set of expectations.

How do companies compete for talent in this fast-changing environment? Will recruiters and hiring managers be replaced by AI, or does the human touch matter even more now? How does it feel as a candidate to navigate this brave, new world? Join the discussion with our diverse panel on the future of hiring and gain insights on how to win in the search for 'talent intelligence'.

Within the frame of Young Executive Forum, this topic will be addressed by the following speakers:

  • Nicolette Barnard, Head of Siemens Pacific HR;
  • Richard Hall, Deputy Dean Leadership and Executive Education, Monash Business School;
  • David Carman, VP of Strategy and Co-founder, VideoMyJob; and
  • Stefan Welack, Senior Consultant, Polyglot Group. 

The Young Executive Forum invites all members and friends to join an exciting evening that promises intriguing insights into the world of recruiting.

Co-hosted by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Pongolabs, this event will feature live, infographic art by award-winning artist Luke Feldman. Sponsored by Polyglot Group

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