Aug 21

Workshop: Bridging German and Australian business culture – and how it can benefit you and your business

The German-Australian Chamber, together with our member Fisher Management Consulting, is pleased to invite you to an exclusive workshop on Bridging German and Australian business culture –and how it can benefit you and your business.

Beyond the cliché stereotypes of Lederhosen and board shorts, managing and leading as a foreigner in Australia or Germany, can be both an exciting and challenging journey. Even armed with cultural do’s and don’ts, it soon becomes apparent to the self-aware manager, that culture hides much more than it reveals. To be successful in today’sglobal world of work, bridging the German and Australian mindsets to build a thriving organisation, requires digging deeper into fundamental aspects that drive the way we think and behave.

Joanne Fisher, Principal and Managing Partner, will explore the key dimensions of German and Australian business culture, their influence on business practice and some critical approaches to harness the best of both worlds.

She will share real case studies, highlighting sample stories of German and Australian executive leaders adapting their strategies and behaviours to reap real benefits with customers, off-shore management and local teams.

Participants will be encouraged to contribute and share their experience.

Who should attend

  • Executives or managers leading or working for a German organisation or subsidiary in Australia and dealing with head offices in Germany
  • Executives or managers coming from overseas leading or working for an Australian organisation
  • Top to mid-level management working in a German-Australian environment and managing or leading others

Morning Tea and Light Lunch will be served.

About Fisher Management Consulting

Fisher Management Consulting is a boutique HR consultancy that partners with SME leaders across a large variety of industry sectors, to create results through people. They have successfully worked with clients in every state of Australia, as well as the APAC region, Europe (including Germany), and New Zealand. Joanne Fisher,Principal and Managing Partner, brings 25+ years of experience in HR, consulting, recruitment, executive coaching, and talent management. She has lived and worked across 3 continents throughout her career, including around 8 years in Germany. She has developed a strong interest and experience, working with German and International businesses, establishing and growing in the Australian market, as well as with expatriate and multi-cultural leaders, traversing global markets, as they build their careers.

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