Aug 13

Evening Forum: Disruptive Innovations – Blockchain Technology

Delve deep into the world of Blockchain - a technology with promising, unique abilities.

Blockchain, a technology with unique abilities to record, track, monitor, and exchange assets without an intermediary, has the potential to disrupt the IT and business worlds in significant ways not seen since the arrival of the internet. Financial services, manufacturing, transportation, data management, legal services and many others are industries that can be radically transformed by Blockchain technology and smart contracts.

But what is Blockchain, and how can it be used to improve efficiency, prevent fraud and track events and what are the legal issues? In which industries is Blockchain technology already used and where will we see the most significant progress in the upcoming five years? And, how do Germany and Australia compare in their advancements of implementing this new technology?

These and other questions will be answered in our panel discussion. Hear from industry leaders, disruptive start-ups and legal and advisory consultants about Blockchain and its potential to revolutionise the IT world.

Our panel:

  • Prof Tom Smith, Head of Department of Applied Finance at Macquarie University (moderator)
  • Alec Christie, Partner Digital Law at EY
  • Chris Francis, Sales Manager at Microsoft
  • Dr Hayley Maynard, Senior Manager, Market & Competitor Strategy at Allianz Australia
  • Darren Younger, Chief Growth Officer at Lakeba



This Evening Forum forms part of the German Week Sydney (11 Aug –18 Aug). More information on the German Week and other events can be found here.

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