Sep 21

Australia-Germany Business Summit 2018

The one-day conference with up to 300 delegates will focus on German-Australian trade and business topics and explore how Australian and German businesses can engage in even closer, mutually beneficial collaboration, particularly in the context of the latest geopolitical developments.

Federal Ministers, together with business leaders from Australia and beyond will elaborate on trade and energy strategies respectively, and discuss new investment and trade opportunities, taking into account the current negotiations for the Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement.

Other panel topics of bilateral relevance include Disruptive Technologies that affect businesses across all industries, including Digitalisation, Machine Learning and Big Data, Mobility and Infrastructure, and the challenges of the Future Work Force. Delegates will be able to expand their professional bilateral network at side events and through a networking app, adding additional value to this unique, one-day event.

To conclude the Business Summit, enjoy yourself and entertain your guests, clients and partners at our Annual Gala Dinner, with exquisite food and beverages, entertainment and dance.



For more information, please visit our Business Summit & Gala Dinner 2018 Website

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