Living and Working in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular countries for migrants — not least because of the high quality of life and stable economy. According to official statistics from 2013, more than a quarter of Australia's 22 million inhabitants were born abroad.

Geographic distance and high visa requirements pose challenges for applicants. The realisation of the dream of living and working in Australia thus requires thorough preparation. In order to support you in this, we have put together extensive information on the subject of living and working in Australia.

Our member companies in recruitment will advise you on your career options in Australia and assist you in finding your new job. As a rule, work permits are required.

Our publication German-Australian Business Directory 2018-19 is a handy job-search aid in Australia. Below are the contact details of all German branches in Australia and members of the AHK listed. The directory enables you to directly address the companies that are of interest to you.


Immigration Advisory Services

The German Federal Office of Administration (BVA) provides relevant information on migration to individuals who want to gain a realistic assessment of their possibilities and limitations in their desired destination country. On their website, the BVA also lists immigration advisory services available in Germany where one can seek individual advice.

Visa Issues

Only citizens from Australia and New Zealand are exempted from any visa requirement. Everyone else has to apply for a visa when travelling to Australia. Those wanting to work in Australia have to apply for a visa that includes a work permit. For more details on the various visa categories, please visit the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or contact the Australian Embassy in Berlin. For an individual consultation, please get in touch with our members (accredited lawyers and migration agents). The Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) assesses skills or experience gained overseas and facilitates recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications.

Job Search

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