Evening Forum: Germany Before the Federal Election

21.09.17 Homepage

On 20 September, the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce invited its members and friends to an Evening Forum on the topic: Germany Before the Federal Election - What’s in Store for the German Economy?

The exclusive gathering was hosted at Hotel Intercontinental in Sydney and gave all attendees the opportunity to hear first-hand from Dr Volker Treier (Deputy CEO of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry or DIHK, Berlin) about Germany before the election.

Tickets were strictly limited and sold out quickly, so at 5.30 pm on the night of the event, the 20 lucky guests who managed to secure a spot arrived at the Premier´s Room, a historical function room of the hotel which was previously the Premier of NSW’s office. Rich, wooden panelling and natural light made the room the perfect venue to mingle and network and the delicious canapés and beverages that were on offer kept everyone more than happy.

At around 6.20 pm, guests were asked to take their seats in the lush armchairs and the moderator of the evening, Bodo Mann (Group Executive Advisory at the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Board Member of the Chamber), welcomed the audience. He invited H.E. Dr Anna Prinz (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Australia) to the lectern.

Dr Anna Prinz welcomed guests and Dr Volker Treier, talked about her personal relationship with the guest speaker of the night and expressed her delight in finally being able to welcome him to Sydney. She then went on to talk about the upcoming Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APRC) and stressed the importance of the bilateral relationship between Germany and Australia. Bodo Mann thanked the Ambassador and then went on to introduce Dr Volker Treier, spoke about the key points in his biography and commented on Dr Treier´s love for playing tennis.

At last, it was time for the guest from Germany to take the stage. Dr Treier welcomed and thanked all attendees on his behalf, spoke few but clear words about the APRC and then gave the audience a brief, precise insight into the current political situation in Germany. Dr Treier based his speech on seven theses and predictions that he has made about the economic situation after the Federal Election. He also highlighted the most important improvements and impact on people´s lives by the economic and financial sector.

Dr Treier also addressed questsions as to whether the German manufacturing sector can survive the current era of increased trade protectionism and explained how and why Germany´s assessment of its economy is currently at an all-time high. To prove his point, Dr Treier talked about the current low interest rates in Germany, the construction boom and the fiscal surplus that the country is experiencing. According to Dr Treier, the current public sense of stability and feeling of economic security needs to be nurtured and maintained by politicians, no matter how the Federal Election will turn out.

He openly talked about the areas in which he still sees room for improvement, such as digitalisation and broadband services, which need to be more accessible and generally better engineered. He also stressed the importance of improving Industry 4.0.

After a Q&A session, Bodo Mann expressed his and the Chamber´s words of thanks to Dr Treier, handed him a bottle of Australian red wine and invited all guests to network further over another round of savoury and sweet canapés.

Besides the Chamber’s guest speaker, Dr Volker Treier, the Chamber would like to thank H.E. Dr Anna Prinz for attending and speaking at the event, Klaus Steitz, Deputy German Consul, as well as Karl Hartleb, Consul General and Trade Commissioner at the Austrian Consulate General. Furthermore, the Chamber expresses its gratitude for all board members of the Chamber who were in attendance, as well as all guests.

The Chamber also thanks InterContinental Sydney, which provided us with the gorgeous Premier´s Room and fantastic hospitality on the night.

Please click here to view photos of the event on Flickr.