New Product Innovation and Award

01.09.17 Members

Henkel recognised for innovation, attractiveness and satisfaction

Henkel has launched Loctite Re-New, a new product innovation in silicone technology. Applied over the top of existing silicone joins, the formula contains Silicotec 2.0 which provides optimum adhesion on silicone, strong water resistance, and flexibility. The product’s flexibility makes it easy to use; if mistakes are made, the user can simply wipe off with a cloth and reapply. Loctite Re-New enables anyone to get a new, clean and white silicone join in one step, without having to remove the existing sealant. In addition, the new pen applicator is integrated with an auto-smoothing feature, making it easy to smooth the join and create a professional look. Additionally, it is odourless, solvent-free and has long-lasting resistance to mould.

An estimated 70% of the population have mouldy, dirty joins in their homes and 44% of them do not attempt to fix them.* To date, replacing old sealants requires the use of a cartridge gun, masking the areas around the joins, and other preparation work. For most people, it is either too much trouble or too expensive to hire a tradesman to do the work.

With Loctite Re-New, even the most reluctant of home improvers can replace joins. The job can be done in just one step, without the need for any specialist expertise, tools or instructions.

One tube of Loctite Re-New can cover 5 to 7 metres and is suitable for all types of silicone joins in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Loctite Re-New was recently recognized in the “Product of the Year 2017” awards in France. Each year, more than 10,000 consumers vote for the products they prefer based on three criteria: innovation, attractiveness and satisfaction.

*Source: MR Online PULSE in Germany February 2015 (IN - 2015 - 530) & Global study, sealants DIY penetration in Germany.