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Hall & Wilcox give an Employment Update on Improving Fair Work: The Coalition Policy – what is it and what does it mean for employers?

On 9 May 2013, the Coalition released its workplace relations policy to ‘improve the Fair Work laws’ (IR Policy) Mr Abbot has said that if elected,... mehr


Hamburg Süd again recognised as “Best Green Service Provider - Shipping Line”

At the 27th Annual Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards of Cargonews Asia held on 23 May 2013 in Hamburg, Hamburg Süd was awarded the title “Best... mehr


Business Innovation and Investment Program (Subclass 188/888)

It has been almost a year since new Business Innovation and Investment Program was introduced. Since August 2012 there has been a significant... mehr


Double-digit revenue and order entry growth for consultancy

The year has started well for Simon-Kucher & Partners. The international strategy consultancy generated 37.5 million euros (USD 49 million) revenue... mehr


Doing it Smarter - the 6th Annual Johnson Winter & Slattery Corporate Counsel Seminar in Sydney

Johnson Winter & Slattery invites in-house lawyers of member organisations to attend its upcoming 6th Annual Corporate Counsel Seminar in Sydney. mehr


Landmark study predicts rise of council smartphone apps

Australians are about to see an explosion of location-aware smartphone apps from their councils as local governments explore new ways to connect with... mehr

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