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Deal or no deal? At what point during a commercial transaction does an agreement become binding?

When do negotiations end and agreements begin? A recent NSW Court of Appeal decision about a prospective tenant withdrawing from negotiations of a... mehr


ABB Australia wins 2012 Banksia Environmental Award

Recognised for innovative gas recycling technology and centre that improves asset performance while reducing environmental impact in a cost effective... mehr


“Magic Water”: Hansgrohe Calendar 2013 Twelve charming motifs tell stories of water and people

When Black Forest ingenuity goes hand-in-hand with a great passion for the life elixir of water, as is the case at Hansgrohe (,... mehr


ABB to help new coal terminal in Australia operate at peak efficiency

$29 million order for integrated power and control for site conveyor systems will ensure reliable, energy efficient performance to speed transport of... mehr


1 millionth fifth generation Polo now calls Down Under home

After a long journey from the Volkswagen factory in Pamplona, Spain, the 1 millionth production vehicle of the fifth generation Polo has finally... mehr


Berlin, Alexanderplatz: urban hotels with beautifully comfortable bathrooms The “twin hotels” RAMADA and H2 are able to offer that personal feel-good factor by using water-saving bathroom products from Hansgrohe

Schiltach, October 2012. Hotel professionals deem business to be above average if their establishments are able to attract plenty of guests over the... mehr


Simon-Kucher’s Hidden Champions Summit brings together prominent examples of Germany’s success model

From retractable dog leashes to microphones and concert organs, it’s the "hidden champions" that manufacture products such as these and are... mehr

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