Unternehmen Deutsch – Enterprise German

17.12.2017 Members

About 100,000 students learn German at public and private schools in Australia. While Asian languages are getting stronger every year, the Goethe-Institut offers programs to keep the German language interesting for students, teachers, school principals and parents. The strong German economy and the positive image of German products in Australia are a great incentive to study in Germany or work for a German company.  

For 2018, the Goethe-Institut was able to secure special funding to nationally expand Unternehmen Deutsch a cooperation with German or Germany-related businesses in Australia including BMW, DB SCHENKER, RIMOWA, BOSCH, Dresden Optics and more.   

“Unternehmen Deutsch brought the school to the real world”, said Prof Michael Rosemann, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Brisbane, at the Awards Night 2017 and emphasised the hands-on approach of the initiative. In fact, Unternehmen Deutsch follows the innovative Project Based Learning (PBL) approach offering the opportunity to integrate and promote creativity, critical thinking and teamwork in order to solve real world issues and problems. This method enhances students’ motivation to learn and explore, strengthening self-confidence and social skills and expanding vocabulary throughout active collaboration with peers and their chosen company representatives.

In her preface to the project handbook, Dr Anna Prinz, German Ambassador to Australia, not only pointed out the importance of the development of these 21st century skills but also the benefits for participating companies to promote their social image: “With this early access to professional orientation, students will acquire skills that are increasingly in demand in the job market; intercultural competence, language skills and expertise. Similarly, companies can increase their visibility for the well-trained next generation”.

If you would like to get involved or require more information please contact:

Anna-Lena Schenck, Project Coordinator: anna-lena.schenck(at)goethe.de