UNSW German-Australian Chamber's Goethe Prize for the best performance in German Studies

23.06.2016 Homepage

The world is shrinking and Australian universities know it. At some of the world’s top-ranking tertiary institutions, Australian students are offered a wealth of opportunities to study internationally. The qualifications they obtain often make them highly sought after as employees both domestically and abroad. The study of German language and culture at university is a chance for individuals to foster an ever-closer bilateral relationship. One of the ways the German-Australian Chamber promotes the study of German is by generously sponsoring the German-Australian Chamber’s Goethe Prize for the best performance in German Studies each year at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). 

My name is Bronte Richardson and I had the privilege of receiving the prize for 2015. I’d like to sincerely thank the Chamber for its continued support of this prize and its investment in the small but passionate contingent of students studying German at UNSW. 

I am currently in my penultimate year of a combined degree in Law and Arts majoring in German Studies. My decision to study German at university emerged from a keen interest in foreign languages, however under the inspiring tutelage of lecturers at UNSW my interest in Germany has now expanded into history, culture, politics and social issues. In 2015 I spent a month in Münster completing an intensive language course and meeting other German language students from all over the world.

Studying German has allowed me to see Germany as an attractive destination for further study and work. As a world leader on many crucial social and political issues, the opportunities in the legal, business and diplomatic fields are exciting and challenging. Whilst my current travel plans involve a trip to Chile to complete a course on Transitional Justice, I look forward to returning to Germany and deepening my understanding of the language, culture and Germany’s role in modern global relations. I am humbled to accept this prize and honoured to be an ambassador for the bilateral German-Australian relationship.

Bronte Richardson, UNSW Arts/Law Student