Powerful Powerpoint Presentations from Design to Delivery

08.04.2014 Trainings

The Powerful PowerPoint Presentations workshop was a great success with a diverse group of participants from a range of organisations including Ebay, Lufthansa, HDI-Gerling, Froebel Australia Limited and Peter Strohkorb Consulting International.  The workshop traveled at a fast pace remaining highly practical, hands on and interactive throughout. The facilitator, communications specialist Dominic Wells from clearpoint communications gave some great insights into presentation planning tools, effective structures and authentic delivery, while professional PowerPoint slides created by Slidemaster demonstrated the high impact that can be attained by applying the ‘Five Must Knows of Professional Slide Design’.

The workshop culminated in the highlight of all participants delivering a one minute ‘super pitch’ of their own business related presentation.

Overall an insightful and engaging workshop with great feedback from the chamber’s members and guests.

For questions, comments and feedback regarding the training content please get in touch with Dominic and Paul:

Dominic Wells, Director 
Clearpoint communications 
T. 02 9400 2916 


Paul Coelho, Sales Director
T. +61 2 9949 3001